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The Americas


A vast continent with some great destinations with a mix of history and varying culture, some of the highlights for me are the Igassu Falls in Argentina/Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru, beautiful San Fransisco  and the Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland in Florida, and the great lakes  and beautiful British Columbia in Canada.


Europe is composed of many different cultures and countries with their own language and a melting pot of different cuisines to tempt your palate. Be it a scenic, cultural or a beach holiday all these destinations can be found and most are just a short flight away, or if you prefer you can drive or catch the train.


Like Europe Asia is vast from China and India being the largest countries to some of the smaller like Indonesia, Thailand and Japan, all countries are all so different, my personal favourites are India, Thailand, and Vietnam and some of the greatest highlights will be the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal, however there are too many to list!


 This is such a large continent, stretching from the Mediteranean in the North and surrounded by oceans either side on the East and West, this is a great country to experience a safari, a beach holiday or taste the great wines of South Africa. There is also a great Island off the East side of Africa for that chill out escape in Zanzibar, beautiful beaches and great hotels which they call the new Caribbean!

The Middle East


When you mention the Middle East most people talk about Dubai as a destination, however there is more than just Dubai, Abu Dhabi its neighbour is a sleeping wonder that has got alot to offer as well as other destinations like Fujirah and Al Ain in the Emirates. Bahrain is also very popular however I am biased towards Oman as I used to work there and have had some wonderful experiences there. If you are looking for any destination in this region I am your expert and would be very happy to help find your ideal holiday or short break as the flight is only around 7 hours.

Australia and new Zealand


These 2 countries are on the other side of the world and if you are planning to visit I suggest great care is taken where and what you want to experience. In my opinion 3 weeks would be a minimum stay and maybe a stopover on the way to break up the trip and see and experience something new. Australia is a huge country, but life mostly revolves around the coast, whilst New Zealand is much smaller comprised of the North and South Islands and can be covered in 3 weeks by car, or by an escorted tour. There are many highlights to both countries, maybe the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock and the famous landmarks in Sydney Australia, New Zealand has some amazing fauna in the rainforsests as well as mountains and glaciers in the South Island and the volcanic regions on the North Island.

Pacific Islands


Literally these are small islands in the Pacific, just to name a few are Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. These can be reached from New Zealand or Australia if you were contemplating a round the world trip or the other way round from America, again flight times will be long and your trip may have to be broken up on the way.

North and South Arctic Regions


On visiting these regions they are all on ships and take on an adventure type holiday to see the great whales and to visit some remote islands to explore and meet the local birdlife and fauna. One of our specialist partners are very experienced in this type of guided cruise and it is also a great opportunity to experience the northern lights or something else to tick off your bucket list.. Waterloo Travel has a full itinerary of these amazing cruises on special adapted ships.

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